I am an artist, a creative mind & an event planner. Whether you need a few added creative touches to your planned event, or someone to take the stress completely out of your hands, come to me with your needs & I will make your event a customized experience unlike any other!



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Friday, August 22, 2014

Why Choose Bri? & A Little About Me...

Welcome to Bri's Party Creations! I've composed a website for you to be able to take a look around, see my work & possibly even get a few ideas for your upcoming events or parties! Feel free to browse around my gallery as it grows & imagine the possibilities of how original & personalized we can make any upcoming occasion! Although I would like for you to enjoy perusing pictures of my past work, I do not want you to feel restricted to what you see... the sky is the limit! My favorite part of the process is getting to know you & your event needs so that I may brainstorm & then present my ideas & visions to you!

 Whether you need an event planner to take care of every miniscule detail of your event & take the stress of planning out of your life, or you need just a few added personalized touches & ideas, I am here for you! I can be as involved in the planning, creating, setting up & overseeing of your special day as you would like.

What makes me & my services different from what you will see anywhere else is my creativity. I love to create, draw, paint & basically make anything I can. Seeing your eyes light up with delight after I've made you a one of a kind watermelon carving, a hand painted photo backdrop, personalized decorations, or even some sweet treats to go along with your theme is what brings me joy! You can easily choose an event planner who outsources to provide you with most services, but why do that if you can receive most of your event needs in one place?

I have been told throughout my life that I need to do something with my talents, so here it is! I have been self taught in most of the categories I am presenting to you & I am continuously educating myself more & more so that I may not only fulfill but surpass your party needs!

Do you like to dance? Would you like to create the perfect ambiance to your event through the perfect music? You can easily book your event & music needs here, in once place! I so look forward to talking with you!


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