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Friday, September 12, 2014

VocabuLarry Themed First Birthday!

Have an idea for a party theme but you can't find any supplies in your local party store!? That's ok because Bri's Party Creations can turn any theme into a one of a kind event experience!

This client's son is turning 1!
He loves watching VocabuLarry, his favorite "Baby First TV" program! So I found every way possible to bring VocabuLarry & the Baby First TV theme to life!

 Fun Photo memories...
Vocabularry Photo Opp       
Fun centerpieces for everyone to enjoy!...

Take a Lollipop Vocabularry Centerpiece
Assorted Lollipops

Personalized Centerpieces

Even the little ones can have some fun with these snack display catered to the very youngest of the party goers! Parents with babies & toddlers will be pleased to have snack options for their little ones.
Sign for "little ones" snack display

Little ones snack display

An assortment of mom approved snacks (gerber graduates)

A personalized birthday wish

 Fun & unique favors you could never find in your local party store!
Baby First TV theme butter cookies
Custom made Vocabularry bottle labels

Vocabularry & Baby First TV Favors

More Fun for any children in attendence!...
Custom made bubbles